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NOVINKA Baby Argh - OHM Beads

Mimi potápěč.

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Výrobce: Ohm Beads

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  • Materiál: sterlingové stříbro 925

OHM stříbrný Baby Argh. Novinka Září 2017.

Baby Argh je menší verze oblíbeného limitovaného korálku měsíce - Argh 2016.

OHM Baby Argh

An unhappy diver spent his days doing... nothing. Argh at life. Argh at responsibilities. Argh at everything! - he thought. If he could only find a treasure - then there would be money, fame and happiness! 

One day while diving he found a pirate shipwreck and a half-open treasure chest nearby. Inside the chest was sand. Argh! Someone got here before me - he thought. As he reached in a tiny octopus scurried out spraying him in an inky cloud. Mother... Argh! - he thought and as he tried to swim away.

He fumbled around inside the chest for a while before finding a tiny bottle. What the... Argh?!? - he thought. Disappointed with finding no other treasures, he returned to the surface with the bottle in hand. There was a note inside the bottle that read:

Ahoy Faithful Explorer,

Yur unhappy because ya think yur alone. Ya live apart!! Ya hunt for more. More fame, mor’stuff, mor’everythin' BUT why do you Argh at everythin’?

Know this: no valuables get kept. Ya can’ bring anything wit’ya when ya die. Death might tap on your shoulder anny moment. Ya only have time for dem ya love; yur life; yur family; yur friends. Don’t Argh!

You have already found your treasure. Your true treasure are your loves. Now - do something, you lazy Argh! 

ohm beads


ohm beads

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