At Chronicals, we love amber. We’ve been studying and experimenting in processing amber and developed a unique jewelry design.

We love its smell, lightness, warmth and incredible coloring: transparent, with a haze, with organic inclusions, yellow, red, green, honey, royal and ordinary.

Amber has been there beneath the surface of the earth in the heart of Europe for thousands of years.

Amber saw the course of time, world history, the change of empires.

People have always been using amber for making jewelry. Etruscans, ancient Greeks, Romans, Scandinavians, Mongols, Vikings, Slavs and people of great Byzantium, ancient China, Egypt and Mesopotamia, all of them used amber a lot.

That’s why we named our jewelry CHRONICLES.

Bead with an internal carving is something we’re very proud of. We love modern jewels that you can choose according to your taste and wishes.

We put a lot of effort, work and imagination into creation of jewelry which adorn your collections.