Dream Glass Art


This is a creation dream of a girl,
She wishes to let the whole world to notice the glass art and metal process of Taiwan is so brilliant differently as the past,
and this dream is still to be continued.
 Dream Glass Art is a Taiwan brand created by an new generation artisan Ma Wan Shan(MWS).
 She started planning her dream since year 2003,and offically opened the business on year 2006.
The personal studio brand [MWS silver and glass] was founded and then the modern jewelry brand [Dream Glass Art] is set up.
MWS is silence but firm and creating continuously more than ten years,burning her most beautiful youth and dedicated to the dream-
the creation of glass and metal jewelry.
These works fully demonstrated the strong style and differences of theDream Glass Art.
And Dream Glass Art will keeps chasing for the unique and beauty of the glass bead,for countless decades.  
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