Mystic Autumn Forest Collection 2022/2023


Mystic Autumn Forest

Unfold your own myth

Whilst animals prepare for winter, humans also begin making our own homes a comforting environment as the dark evenings close in. Autumn brings a sense of closure, a time for reflection and warm thoughts. There's also a sense of melancholy, of loss to be felt. Autumn is the time to take stock.
Leaves decay; having finished their life cycle, they mulch down and return to the ground that gave them life. The forest turns into a beautiful colour palette. It's all mystic if you look around you.
Close your eyes and wander to another world full of creatures and animals preparing for the long winter.
Rustling leaves around you. Movements you hear but don't always see. A hedgehog emerges from hiding. Acorns fall. In the distance, a house. You get closer and watch the witches dancing around a campfire. They say aloud an affirmation:
Cleanse this space.
Remove the past.
I've found my happiness at long last.
Fill this space with joy and love.
Send your blessings from above.
Open your eyes and start your mystical life!