Viking Collection 2023

Exploring new horizons.

The raven is perhaps the animal most associated with the Vikings. That naturally aroused our curiosity, being Black Raven Beads.
We have incorporated the rich symbolism of the Vikings, their myths, traditions and customs in our collection.
Let us take you on a journey to discover new horizons.
There are many positive things to say about the Vikings. They were tough and powerful seafaring Norsemen and women and excelled at trading. With their large ships, they could also navigate shallow waters to go relatively far inland.
The religion of the Vikings has its roots in the Germanic religion. It was a religion with dozens of different gods. The most important god was Odin. He ruled the afterlife for warriors, Valhalla. The world where the gods lived is called Asgard. In addition to their sagas, the Vikings also left their mark on various European languages, such as English and Dutch. For example, Thursday and Friday are named after the Viking gods Thor and Frigg. Women played an important role in Viking society. They were guardians of the keys to property and wealth, especially when their men were abroad. Symbols themselves were thought to have power. Vikings were at the mercy of the mighty seas. They were well aware of the dangers of battle. They lived in the wind, rain, heat and cold. Through it all, they felt the hand of fate ruling all things. Divine symbols on amulets, shields or carved into their longboats could give the Vikings that slight advantage they needed to face the uncertainties and dangers of life. Our charms are full of meaning. Examine each piece to explore!