The Magic of Trees Collection 2023

The Magic of Trees

In a serene village, a gifted artisan embarks on a quest into the ancient forest to gather precious wood. With Camphora, Sawo Fruit,Teak, Jackfruit, and Swietenia Mahogany, he crafts a collection of wooden beads, each embodying unique properties symbolizingspiritual growth, endurance, uniqueness, inner peace and a healthy life.

These beads become conduits of well-being, resonating with the essence of nature and fostering a deep connection between wearersand the natural world.When unveiled, the "Magic of Trees" collection captivates the village, its beads seeming to radiate an inner light. Wearing thesewooden treasures instils a profound sense of belonging and unity with the grand tapestry of existence, a testament to the enduringmagic of nature's gifts.