My Pet Collection 2024


Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
Nothing compares to the joy of coming home to a loyal companion.
The unconditional love of a pet can do more than keep you company.
Pets decrease stress, improve heart health, and even help with your emotional and socials skill.
Pets not only provide us with a wealth of opportunities to fuel our inner growth through generosity, ethics, and patience , but we can also help them. In this way, they can be our close and special partners on our journey.

Pets in heaven

We share a unique emotional connection with our pets. Whether you are a dog lover or a cat person, your bond with your furry friends has a deeper spiritual meaning than just giving you company and loving unconditionally.
Therefore, when your pet passes away, you feel like you have lost a dear friend. From heaven, they will guide you further on your path. To remember your beloved Cat or dog and feel their spirit close to you, we designed our silver spirit Cat and spirit Dog bead. Wishing you strenght and comfort.