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NEW bead Masked Self - OHM

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Material: silver 925/1000, murano glass

size: 15 x 17 mm

For sale is this particular bead in the photo.

MASKED SELF is an April 2020 inspiration from those attending OHM Sweet OHM in Thailand. There is a myriad of colors available as this concept arrives within a sealed OHM pouch.

What you will uncover is your MASKED SELF. It is the self that yearns to be discovered for others to see truly. It is the self that you want to protect. It is the self that does the right thing to protect others. It is the self that hides away. It is the self that yearns for the fresh air.

Let go of the past while holding on to the memories. There is a vast universe between the left and the right. It is one we can explore together, knowing that we are all living within the same shared experience; We may not reach out and touch one another; We can reach further with our senses to feel one another.

When you recognize other's vulnerabilities, your own deficiencies evaporate. Choose the strength from within yourself to become the best version of yourself. Connect the dots and ask yourself, is there anything I could be doing to help?

Focus on your privilege and be thankful for it. Use it to better yourself and, in turn, better the world. Hone your skills. Maintain your connections. Keep fighting the good fight. DON'T GIVE UP.

You are an ASTRONARGH floating through space on the wave of reality. The HAPPY GRAVE waits for us all in the end. For now, let's be here, right now.

  • Stříbro 925/1000 - Silver 925/1000
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