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NEW bead Angel of Love - AURORA Ag 925/1000, 4,5 g

52,92 €

 Size: 20 x 16 mm

weight: 4,5 g

We have heard that this one may be the most beautiful charm made by us yet. Our Angel is young, strong and powerful, with her wings spread into the heart shape to show what is her superpower. She is creating and protecting LOVE. She is guarding with and by LOVE. She watches over the innocent and she is connecting and holding people together by the strongest force in nature. This hand finished charm, crafted in Sterling Silver has a very sophisticated design with a bracelet running between the angel’s body and her majestic wings. It has a nice size and weight to show all the beautiful details of our angel from every angle and it will be the perfect centrepiece of any bracelet.

  • Stříbro 925/1000 - Silver 925/1000
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